WHat is a website?

core of your online activities

The role of online marketing is to bring visitors to your website where you will have a chance to turn them into buyers. This is why a good website is key to making money online, as a bad website will only make you lose money for unsuccessful online advertising. There is no point in investing a lot of money on advertising if you can’t convert them into buyers.

What to look for when deciding who should create your site

There are many people who call themselves web designers who don’t think passed the web design alone and make a pretty website with a bunch of words and pictures but with no strategy to increase sales, which is NOT what you need.

What you have to consider is people who are serious about a strategy behind the design of the website, that’s where we come in. 


How to get more engagement?


Your business needs to be able to provide valuable information as to how it will solve your prospect’s problem, and it needs to communicate that clearly and quickly.

              Attention equals Money

You need to find out what your customers are dealing with, and you need to give them confidence on the fact that you are the one who can solve what they are trying to solve, whether they are craving a type of food, or want to get their taxes done with the right person you have to show them why you are the one to do business with.

The speed at which your website loads on different devices has to be optimized to keep your visitor’s attention and give you a chance to communicate with them.

remove blocks

You are stopping people from doing business with you!

If you walk into a restaurant with the best tacos in town but no one is ready to serve you, no matter how great it may be, you will go to a different restaurant which is ready to service you.

You can spend thousands of dollars to create the perfect atmosphere for your clients and fall short on your website, giving them a “not ready to do business” vibe.

Hence why social media advertising seems ineffective for many companies as their websites are not ready to sell. 

These blocks will drain you slowly as you will be wasting money on social media efforts with minimal return on investment.

If you want them to buy from you, make it easy for them.

E-commerce sites

E-commerce websites allow you to sell from 1 to an unlimited amount of items online. Since online shopping has become extremely popular, if you have a product that you can deliver to masses, DON’T miss out on selling online. There are many different platforms to build your e-commerce website on, and the two most popular ones are shopify and woocommerce. We will work with you to see what solution best fits your needs, depending on your business size and other factors specific to your business.


What Is A Good Website?

  • It is NOT generic words on a web page
  • It is NOT an online flyer
  • It is NOT pretty photos and text
  • It is NOT random information 
  • It IS clear on communicating the value of the products or services
  • It IS is focused on fulfilling its purpose
  • It IS positioning your business as a credible, reliable business to choose for their needs
  • It IS clear call to actions
  • It IS fast
  • It IS secure
  • It IS optimized for search engines
  • It IS ready to sell
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