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We are a creative online marketing agency that works to find the best marketing plan to engage your audience with your brand and help you dominate your market.

hi I'm Erwin

I am in charge of customer relations and making sure our clients receive high quality service.

ANd my partner is hani

She improves the image of brands through design. She creates the online marketing strategy by analyzing your current online image in order to create a program to successfully promote your business.

Our main services are
Web Design and Online Marketing

There are misconceptions that having a website will automatically increase your sales, when in reality having a website just increases your chances of being discovered.

On the other hand advertising your products or services online without a strategically designed website will not result in high amount of sales.

The lack of results in online marketing efforts is what makes business owners give up on the subject.

The Truth Is

Imagine you have a shop which is not well located in town and you don't get many bypassers, yet it is a beautiful shop. Your products are of the highest quality and you genuinely try to give the best service. Yet you struggle to have a lot of customers. How can they buy from you if they don't even know you exists?

Similarly, if you are continuously advertising your products but there is no follow up action and no place to go purchase them, your audience is going to be left without being able to interact with you and support your business. And so, your advertising budget and efforts will be wasted.

Online advertising works as a tool to attract your audience to your website.

A well structured website is the tool of conversion which can be counted on as your virtual business 24/7, with a proper pitch for your potential clients in order to get them sold on what you offer.

With so many people claiming to know online marketing but failing to deliver results, we found many business owners scared about using online marketing once again. They are confused about how online marketing works and how the online marketing efforts will increase business for them. Online marketing which does not meet your target is based on no strategy, no testing of content nor tracking engagement of your audience, and so it FAILS.


We truly care about helping your businesses grow, by telling your story and communicating your values to your prospective buyers in a way that will make them interact with you. Not only are we continuously improving our skills with continuous training on the new technologies and trends, but also we are committed to provide you with high quality services. We work with you to create a great online strategy so you can grow your business.

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What our clients Say

Excellent service. They made my web for Mavivaspa and Angelaesthetics. Very satisfying results. I started to get more traffic after I updated my web. Definitely Recommend.

Paurin Patel

Maviva Spa

Magic Marketers were fast, knowledgeable with their work on my website. Thanks to them business is good!

Agustin Perez

A+ Roofing

I highly recommend Magic marketers. They were always available. I would recommend them to anyone looking for someone to create their website or for advertising needs. They know their stuff and they are so easy to work with.

Olia Fuchinde

Nurse at Home

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